Fabrics fairs meeting and events for 2019 and 2020



The textile industry is widely spread across the globe and organizes meetings, events, and fairs every year in order to bring people from all around the world in one place so as to share the new developments and information with each other. This allows the participants and attendants to stay updated with what is going on in the world of fabrics, what are the new technologies and growth opportunities in this field, current textile and fabric industry situation, and new market developments amongst other things. This information is highly valued for anyone who has any links with the world of textile or fabrics. As a result, many textile brands attend such events and fairs so as to learn from each other’s experiments and developments and to stay inspired.

According to the reports issued, it has been found out that some 19 countries around the world host 51 textile fairs, fabric trade shows and events all across the world. Amongst these countries like China, the UK, the USA, India, Germany and Spain host most of these popular and large-scaled textile events and exhibitions.  These events uncover a variety of innovative products that after they reach customers, bewitch them completely. So here we have talked about must important textile and fabric events that are about to be held in 2019 and 2020. These are:


  • International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF) Annual Conference 2019

  • Spoga Gafa Cologne

  • Heimtextil Frankfurt fair, 2020

  • Spinexpo™ Paris

  • Texworld Paris Spring 2020

  • Masion & Object

  • Heimtextil Russia

  • Home Textile Madrid Fair 2020


So you interested in finding about the latest fabric trends and secrets of the textile industry? If so, then get ready to attend either one of these fairs or maybe both these events (if you can manage) and set yourself on the journey to learn more and grow. 

  • International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF) Annual Conference 2019

This edition that will revolve around Digitalization & Sustainability - Their Impact on the Global Textile Industry will take place from October 20 to 22, 2019 in Porto, Portugal.

The International Federation of Textile Manufacturers (ITMF) is an international forum focused on textile industries worldwide. Its main value is to keep members from all over the world informed through surveys, studies and publications, participating in the evolution of the industry value chain and through the organization of annual appointments such as the one that will take place in October of 2019.

Conferences, publications and talks on trends and international developments will be those that mark the agenda of the event. Through ITMF, textile industries cooperate internationally with organizations that represent other sectors allied to their industry.





  • Heimtextil Russia

The Heimtextil Russia fair is held once a year in Moscow together with one of the most innovative and important fairs in the home textiles and accessories sector. Heimtextil Russia is considered a trendsetter in the field of textile design. In it, exhibitors, designers and architects meet with wholesalers and retailers. Here are the trends, fashion and the most prominent articles in the home textiles sector aimed at living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, window and wall decorations, upholstery and sunscreens. This fair is the ideal platform to receive information about new creations, to establish and expand business relationships and to generate income. In addition, a large number of workshops with well-known Russian and European designers are held at the fair.

On the whole the organizers welcomed on the 3 days of the fair, from 14 October to 16 October 2019, about 200 exhibitors from 19 countries and 17000 professional visitors from all regions of Russia and the CIS countries.


  • Heimtextil Frankfurt 2020, the International trade fair for home and contract textiles

This international fair is the go-to place for anyone who wishes to be educated more in fabric trends. It is the biggest international fair for home and contract textiles and will be the first fair that will be held in the textile industry in the year 2020. The fair will commence from 7th of January and will end on 10th January 2020 and will be held in Frankfurt am Main. Levantex as one of the companies that deal in the textile industry and displays a firm faith in providing quality at reasonable prices to its customers will also be attending this fair.

What you should know about the Heimtextil Frankfurt fair?

  • The Heimtextil Frankfurt can be considered as the kickoff event for new trends and textile innovations. 

  • This year in 2019, the event was graced by the presence of some 67,216 trade visitors from all over the world. Many of these were promising newcomers, people who have come to attend this event in order to learn and build new partnerships, but many other well-known faces also decided to grace this fair with their presence.

  • Heimtextil Frankfurt is probably a fair where you can find almost anything you could be possibly looking for under one roof, like interior trends, interior textiles, and interior design. 

  • Retailers, wholesalers, interior architects, hotel outfitters, furniture and bedding store designers and many other decision-makers mark their presence every year here in January.

  • This fair is a hub of textile dealers who come looking for style, colors, trends, and patterns of the season.


  • Spinexpo Paris

The leading international industry sourcing exhibition dedicated to innovation in yarns, fibres and knitwear will be taking place in Paris, France on 30th to 1st July 2020.

Hosting leading high-quality international exhibitors, the show welcomes a globally diverse range of international visitors including; Couture, ready to wear, knitwear, hosiery, Activewear and homeware.

Spinexpo Paris attracts senior decision makers, sourcing professionals, designers and buyers, who come to source new, innovative and directional products, make new connections, strengthen long-term relationships and be inspired. Each season Spinexpo collaborates on over 1,000 specially designed swatches and panels from knit and weave to embellished textile pieces.


Levantex-blog-image-730x300 1


  • Maison & Object

Maison & Objet, a place to explore the entire universe of fashion and home... More than a fair, Maison & Objet is the center of attention of every professional. The decoration fair is reserved for professionals and is held twice a year at the Paris-Nord Villepinte exhibition center in France. The next edition will take place from Friday 17 to Tuesday 21 January 2020.


Maison & Objet is a true point of reference for decoration, creation and design, mosaic of trends, new talents and new concepts. Maison & Objet offers you another look, another atmosphere… Design, fashion-house, object, table arts. The fair explores every universe of decoration and style: renew ideas, changes, get inspired and create your own universe.


  • Texworld Paris Spring 2020

Taking place twice a year at Paris – Le Bourget, Texworld, with around 1,000 exhibitors, offers professional buyers from all over the world a rich variety of products from basics to creative high-end fabrics of excellent quality. This time Texworld Paris - The international fair for fashion organized by Messe Frankfurt France (MFF) will be held from February 10 to 13, 2020.

It is a must for manufacturers specializing in: cotton, denim, drapery & tailoring, embroidery & lace, jacquard, knitted fabrics, linen & hemp, prints, shirting, silk, silky aspects, sportswear & functional fabrics, trims & accessories, wool and woolen materials.


  • Spoga Gafa Cologne


At the Spoga + gafa Cologne the visitors can expect exhibition areas such as garden living, garden care, garden creation, garden basic and the new premium area garden unique with a fascinating variety of trends, ideas and products. Look also forward to the "boulevard of ideas" with innovative POS concepts, to the grill and the plant park and, of course, to a multi-faceted program.

Spoga + gafa Cologne offers more than a purely commercial experience. With its thematic worlds, formats related to practice, conferences, special events and industry parties, it creates an added value for the green industry, which improves the new products and featured products of the exhibitors perfectly. The established elements of the event program are being improved by new highlights this year.

The Spoga + gafa will take place on 3 days from Sunday, 6 September to Tuesday, 8 September 2020 in Cologne.


  • Home Textiles Premium 2020

The Home Textiles Premium is all set to blow your mind this year with its events and exhibitors who will be attending this meet. This event is the only Spanish Fair that deals completely in the home textiles sector. In September 2019, he had the fifth edition of this fair in Madrid. Levantex, with its commitment to respond to customer needs, presented the latest developments and trends in fabrics.


Levantex-blog-image-730x300 2


What you should know about Homes Textiles Premium?

  • The event works on a system of pre-registration visitors, so mind that if you are planning on attending the event.

  • Homes Textiles Premium will witness the presence of many big and small names and provide you with an opportunity to mingle with them so as to learn more about this industry.

Why should you be attending Homes Textiles Premium?

  • It is recommended that you attend this event because here you will get a golden opportunity to understand the workings of the home textiles sector very closely.

  • Another benefit of attending this event is that you will get a chance of establishing new relationships and of building partnerships with other attendees.


So, if you too wish to learn more about the textile and fabric industry and want to become well-versed in the new and latest trends then this may be your chance! 

What social media platforms are best for interiors design



The 21st century has been the era of science and technology. Where on one hand this technology has made it possible for humans to walk on the moon, on the other hand, it has blessed us with the boon of social media. Now, social media can be arguably called the most powerful tool of the century. It has made it possible for humans to stay connected across the globe and has also allowed us to reach millions of people in a matter of mere seconds.

Many businesses in recent decades have realized what this power can achieve and hence have honed this power of social media platforms in order to serve their needs. The industry of interior designing is also not far behind and has learned to tap into this powerful resource to serve its purposes. 

Social media for online retailers in the interior designing industry can do wonders. It can demolish the need for the retailers to be physically connected to the people and hence can increase the reach of these retailers and help them find potential customers from all over the world. This would also mean fewer investments and more profits. Now after all that has been said, it does not mean that using these platforms in a way so as to promote your business is an easy task. Because it isn’t. Using social media in order to meet your goals requires extensive research, a good understanding of people and market and a need to stay updated at all times. So here are some tips as to how you can leverage social media platforms to promote your business.

  • Define a purpose

Now the first and foremost step involves the retailers to think about defining their goals. Social media for online retailers present a multitude of options amongst which they have to choose one or two and then spend all their energy and resources in order to pursue them. These purposes might involve short term goals like establishing an identity or increasing awareness about the brand’s presence for starters or long term goals like finding new leads or providing a platform to the audience in order to engage with them. Whatever goals you decide, prepare your future strategies accordingly and you will be all set in no time.


  • Choose your platforms

Social media for online retailers presents a multitude of possibilities. Now what you need to do as an interior designing marketer is to choose your platforms very wisely. There are many options available out there like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.  but registering your presence at all these platforms will not be a smart move because then you will be stretched too thin and you will need to post a lot of new content which might become a problem. So decide on one or two platforms as primary. You can base your decision here upon considering a number of factors like your target audience demographics like their age, gender, income, etc. and your goal.  

“Decide the channels in which you will be present considering the demographic data of your target”

You can go for Facebook as it has over 1 billion users so your reach has expanded very wide. The exciting part about having a Facebook page is that through it you can also share 360 degrees panorama.

Choosing Instagram is a wise decision if you are trying to target the youth audience. You can share stories, polls or use one of the many filters that this platform offers. You can also use it before and after pictures, they are always a hit!

By choosing Twitter as your platform for social media for online retailers you can make use of the appropriate hashtags so as to build brand awareness and promote your product.

Pinterest is another wise choice for social media for online retailers in the interior designing industry. You can pin your design, create boards, or use keywords in order to promote your business.

Youtube is a good another option for social media for online retailers. Here you can post small videos of places that you have decorated or share tutorials on which shades they can use to give their place a warm and welcoming vibe etc. 

  • Focus on your Content 

What can social media for online retailers do depends largely upon the type of content the retailers are posting. Now since you belong from the interior designing industry so it is very important for you to provide content that is highly visual. This would definitely grab the attention of your audience. So you need to tap into your creative powers and design visual content that you think would appeal to your target audience. You can use videos, pictures or post stories of houses or offices that you have designed or post funny memes or infographic content to entice your audience.

  • Engage with your customers

Engaging with the audience is the key to establishing a trustworthy relationship between online retailers and customers. Show them some care and love. Reply to their comments or queries, repost some of your content that is popular, and offer them small tips like maybe the contact details of a wholesale textile distributor that you believe they can use. 

  • Find influencers

There is a limit as to what social media for online retailers can do in terms of brand awareness. Researches show that when influencers promote you then the chances of your business being considered as credible are 70% higher as compared to when it's only you who are promoting your product. So find some influencers, develop strong relations, and then encourage them to share your content by doing vice-a-versa. 

These are some of the tips for social media for online retailers that can definitely help you in reaching new heights.

What are the best textiles for hotels?



The Hotel industry in recent decades has witnessed a boom. With the travel industry flourishing and the lust to explore driving people crazy, it comes as no big surprise. And with the rise of the hotel industry, the other associated sectors are also recording growth. These would be sectors like real estate, hotel textile industry, etc.


Textiles for hotels can be understood as the linens that are used in the hotel rooms. These hotel textiles play a very important role in deciding the fate of a hotel. How is that you ask? Well, imagine yourself visiting a new state and booking a hotel for the night. Now how would you feel if you just washed your face and picked up a towel to dry it but find that the material of the towel is rough? Would not you feel dissatisfied? Imagine what if the sheets in the room are uncomfortable as well. What would you do then? Will you ever book another stay in the same hotel and would you ever recommend it to any of your friends? Yeah, I thought so! So now you get it why hotel textiles should be given consideration before being chosen or else how they can successfully ruin the reputation of your place.

Now, choosing textiles for hotels can be a little difficult. Before settling on one reliable wholesaler of hotel fabrics it is a good idea to go through all of your choices. Here are some of the pointers that you can consider before deciding on a wholesaler of textiles.

  • Look for someone who believes in delivering quality for textiles for hotels. Always remember quality is above everything else.

  • Check the linens, you do not want to buy faded and stained ones in bulk. That would just disgust you’re your customers.

  • Feel the cloth. You are trying to find a wholesaler of fabric that provides linens that have a smooth and delicate touch.

  • The type of textiles is another important point that you should be concerned with.

  • The textiles for hotels should be comfortable. Comfort is the key to your customer’s heart.

  • Choose colors very wisely. Find some colors that go with the vibes of your hotel and at the same time are pleasant to your eyes. Also, do not settle on something that is too light or your linens will be needed to change frequently.

  • Be apprehensive of the price. Buy them at reasonable rates. They are linens, not jewels. But be sure to not make any compromise with quality for sake of money.

  • While deciding the best textiles for hotels also consider their longevity. You don’t want to buy linens whose life will expire after merely being used twice.

  • While choosing on the textiles for hotels try and buy ones that did not cause any harm to the environment while they were being manufactured nor will they degrade it during the process of decomposition. Each one of us has a responsibility towards the environment that needs to be fulfilled.

Importance Of Hotel Textiles 

  • Care and quality

Hotel textiles are a way of telling your customers that you care for them and that you would not place anything, not even money above their comfort. If the textiles for a hotel at your place can communicate this message successfully to your customers then chances are that your visitors will return back to your hotel for another stay in the future.

  • Builds trust

Now if your customers feel that you care about them and you will only choose what is best for them without caring much for other factors, then this is obviously a positive sign. Textiles for hotels, by doing so can help in building trust between your hotel and the customers. Once a basic trust is built then your customers might also feel inclined to ignore one or two of your mistakes, given such mistakes are not regular and aren’t a matter of great concern.

  • Peace

Do you know that feeling, when you are sitting in a dirty room and your mind just feels like it is in the midst of a hustle?  Well if you have then you know what I am talking about. An unclean and scattered room with dented furniture and spotted linens will not let your brain relax and will affect your mood negatively. Hence it’s important to choose textiles for hotel wisely.

  • A positive review

As we have already discussed, how good textiles for hotels will help you in building a positive image for your hotel in the market. Your hotel will get positive feedback from your customers and this will help you in earning positive publicity. This good public image, in turn, will prove helpful in attracting new customers.

So what is the best choice?

Your answer is Levantex. This company located in Bocairent, in Business Park dedicated to the textile industry near Valencia is the solution to any linen related problems. They excel at manufacturing textiles for hotels and only believe in delivering the best quality. The employees and the management here work really hard to provide products that offer the perfect balance between quality and price. Levantex also offers services as per specific contracts suiting to the particular needs of the clients also.

Levantex specializes in providing linens in wholesale for hotels. They have been working in this field for a while and hence understand the needs and demands of the customers. Levantex also offers a wide variety of range of products so that one can choose exactly the colors and styles that he believes will entice his customers.